Phenomenal Life Media LLC is a boutique factual television entertainment corporation founded by Brian and Tara Lewis, experienced television executives and reality talent, specializing in creating, developing, and producing unscripted documentary-style content for major television networks (aka reality TV).
Our documentary projects are always ready to deliver phenomenal stories, built on phenomenal characters, living in phenomenal worlds.
So whether we're developing concepts about celebrities, sports entertainment professionals, lawyers, preachers, real estate professionals, canine behavior specialists, interracial marriage, destination marriages, Hollywood paparazzi or image makeovers, discovering these subcultures is our key strength, and turning those character's life stories into a strong reality format is our passion.
We demand excellence in all that we produce and are proud to be judged by the same high standards we apply to ourselves as well as our team and have collaborated to develop and co-produce our original television content with some of the best and the brightest companies in reality television today. (See PARTNERS)
What's more, we also know the personal requirements of filming a docu-series, the remarkable platform and brand exposure it provides and the immeasurable rewards of public celebrity, having been Starring Talent on TLC's THE SISTERHOOD.

While Phenomenal Life Media specializes in television programming for every cable network on the dial, PHENOMENAL LIFE TODAY is a bold, passionate, inspirational Christian television talk show, broadcasting several times weekly into over 900 million homes worldwide.
Co-Hosted by Dr. Brian and Tara Lewis, Phenomenal Life Today is designed to inspire, empower and motivate viewers to live phenomenal lives in Jesus Christ.
You can watch Phenomenal Life Today both nationally and internationally on the Impact Television Network (the No. 1 Gospel Lifestyle Network) and locally in Atlanta and North Georgia on WATC - Atlanta's Channel 57, as well as, a featured telecast on "ARiSE" (the ministry block of programming on Ervin "Magic" Johnson's ASPiRE Television Network).